Self-Drive Private Transfers


What is fly & drive?

Flydrive is a new system based on an idea of combining rent a car and airport transfer services.


How does the system work?

You need a transportation to airport, or from airport to your residence and hotel.  You are a person who do not like public transportation or airport shuttle services. You also do not prefer taxis or private transfer services because of high costs or feeling uncomfortable in a vehicle which a stranger drives. Then  the best choice for you is renting a car… but in such a case you need to pay high delivery costs when you return the vehicle in a different location than where you receive it, and also for a couple of hours drive, you still need to pay full day rates.  Here our new fly & drive system is the perfect solution. When you make a booking using our online system, we deliver your vehicle to your door step, than you drive yourself to the airport feeling all the comfort , confidence and privacy like you are driving your own car. When you arrive at the airport you will find our staff waiting for you to return the vehicle back. The same way, when you arrive at the airport our staff greets you to deliver the vehicle, and after you reach to your destination you will find our staff waiting for you at your adress to pick the vehicle back.   No delivery costs, no drop-off costs, and no worries about how much fuel is consumed while the fuel is already included in the price you paid.


What are the advantages of the system ?

If you do not like the crowds of public transportation, and long time travel durations, by using flydrive you drive yourself and reach to your destination in a fair time.

If you avoid using commercial taxis because of high costs, especially for long distances , by using flydrive you save more than half of a taxi cost.

For a fast and comfortable transfer you can choose a private transfer option at lower costs compared to commercial taxi rates, but still you see yourself as the most trusted driver and do not feel relaxed in a vehicle driven by somebody else, by using flydrive you and your companions feel the safety in a vehicle you drive yourself.

Compared to any other transportation means, by using flydrive you experince the full privacy like you are driving your own car.  In an environment where a stranger driver is not in your privacy, you can listen to your own music, sing songs, make your private family talks, phone calls without any hesitation.

In car rental systems to receive or deliver a vehicle in certain offices is an unpleasent responsibility. By using flydrive you receive and deliver the vehicles at your door step.

By using flydrive you receive the vehicles in perfect condition, fully maintained  and checked. You do not need to worry about putting much or less fuel while you will receive the vehicle tanked with fuel included in the price you pay.


What is included in the price?

  •   - Short term car rental referring to the distance of your destination
  •   - Fuel ( the amount of fuel will be always more than enough referring to the distance of the drive )
  •   - Full insurance
  •   - Delivery and pick-up services
  •   - 7 _ 24 assistance services
  •   - Child and baby seats ( should be reserved  while booking )
  •   - Navigation devices