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Our Service Types


Shuttle Transfer 

Shuttle transfer is a service that the vehicles are shared by different guests. Sharing the vehicles allows the users to benefit the charge of very economic fees.  The shuttle service departures are run by an operational plan and the best matching service times for your flights are offered. Shuttle services are departure guaranteed and operate even if there is only one passenger . All transfer vehicles take passengers to their prenotified destination being a Home, a Hotel, a resort or a drop off point, and no extra charge is asked for this door to door service. All vehicles used are fully air-conditioned and are fully maintained to international legal and mechanical requirements and standards. Shuttle service departures from airports are planned referring to arrival times of the flights, so some waiting time may be needed if the guests sharing the vehicles are arriving with different flights. To avoid long waiting times a 45 minutes maximum waiting time procedure is applied. That means, in case, the first guest of the planned vehicle may have a waiting time of  maximum 45 minutes, the last guest of the same vehicle has no waiting.  Guests using our shuttle services are kindly required to complete their passport, custom and baggage claim procedures as fast as possible. Our staff waiting by the exit will be assisting you to arrange the seats in the earliest leaving vehicle. Being a shared service the drop off order will be designated according to the route taken. Keep in mind that the number of drop offs could change according to the number of passengers. Our Operations Office will always try to organise the most efficient and well planned route and drop off schedule.

Express Shuttle Transfer  New
Express Shuttle Transfer is a new service operated by shared vehicles under same conditions of a regular shuttle service, but the vehicles are planned to make maximum 4 drop-off. Guests booking express shuttle reach at their hotels or residences faster than a regular service.



Fly & Drive ( Self-Drive Private Transfers ) New

Flydrive is a new system based on an idea of combining rent a car and airport transfer services. You need a transportation to airport, or from airport to your residence and hotel.  You are a person who do not like public transportation or airport shuttle services. You also do not prefer taxis or private transfer services because of high costs or feeling uncomfortable in a vehicle which a stranger drives. Then  the best choice for you is renting a car… but in such a case you need to pay high delivery costs when you return the vehicle in a different location than where you receive it, and also for a couple of hours drive, you still need to pay full day rates.  Here our new fly & drive system is the perfect solution. When you make a booking using our online system, we deliver your vehicle to your door step, than you drive yourself to the airport feeling all the comfort , confidence and privacy like you are driving your own car. When you arrive at the airport you will find our staff waiting for you to return the vehicle back. The same way, when you arrive at the airport our staff greets you to deliver the vehicle, and after you reach to your destination you will find our staff waiting for you at your adress to pick the vehicle back.   No delivery costs, no drop-off costs, and no worries about how much fuel is consumed while the fuel is already included in the price you paid. This service is currently available only at Antalya Airport.

Private Transfer 
Private transfer is a customised service for individuals, families and groups. Referring to the number of guests a car, a van, a minibus or a bus can be arranged and the prices are determined per vehicle reserved. This is not a shared service, so a direct and fast drive is arranged. 

VIP Transfer Service;
This is an exclusive transfer service operated using Luxury Vehicles. The Vehicles are furnished with leather fixtures and full multimedia consol for your enjoyment.

Meet and Greet Service on Arrival at The Airport;
We have staff to greet and direct passengers to our vehicles at every airport we provide services.

Customer Service Call Center
Our Customer Service Call Center is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to provide the most efficient transfer service possible. Please check our contact page for relevant call centre phone numbers.